Corporate Tales

CTOnce upon a time, the apprentice asked the Master – “Will we have to wait long for positive change?”  “If you are waiting, then yes!” said the Master.

Dear Reader,
I have great news – Corporate Tales is a book about positive change! You will find metaphors from different cultures, historic facts and stories, which makes one think and inspires proactive action. Here are described countless situations, which I have personally experienced and lived through.

Yesterday I went to the bookstore and asked, “What kind of books are read by those who wish to achieve their goals?” “Inspiring ones”, answered the book lady.
That is who we are, – seekers of inspiration. We are so similar in our desires, dreams, fears and stereotypes, and, if you ever hold this book in your hands, I have no doubt you are one of us. I am convinced that you also desire to take your place in life, ensuring your well being and doing work that brings fulfillment. And know that you can have it all, just not right away. Everything, but step-by-step. Therefore, read, think, be inspired, act, and share your experience with others!

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