Brian Tracy in Vilnius

brtDear, Edgars,

It is my huge pleasure coming to Vilnius on 15th of October 2013. I will run my seminar “Maximum Achievement: The Keys to Personal & Business Success”, including personal efficiency, leadership and sales topics.

I would be more than grateful if you would join this event and be my VIP guest. Hope this is going to be a memorable event for all of us. If you find this date in your calendar available for attendance, I would be more than glad seeing you joining.

Based on work with more than 1,000 companies and many thousands of top managers and executives, I developed this seminar to help you learn the most powerful, proven principles ever discovered to increase your productivity, performance and those of your colleagues, simplify and streamline your business, manage your business more effectively, boost your revenues and profits, and get done more in less time.

Appreciate your participation and see you soon for discussing maximum achievements!

Kind regards,
Brian Tracy

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